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Services for Industry

Our focus is on practical ways to improve your business.  We don’t produce huge PowerPoints with lots of pretty slides to try to impress our clients.  Instead, our goal is to provide practical recommendations that

Services for Government Suppliers

Selling to the government is always challenging and can be rewarding.  There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in selling products or services that help your country, but also enhance the performance of your company.

Category Management

Category management is an area in continual development and is used by virtually all top companies in the United States and many internationally.  Our consultants in this area have all been Category Managers at one point in their careers

Small Business/Start-Ups

Small businesses and start-up companies have a unique set of challenges.  Our consultants have experience in small business and start-up companies, and we understand how difficult it is to develop the foundation to


During their careers, Victor and Robert have been subjected to numerous presentations by consulting firms. While many are ultra-professional in appearance with pretty graphics and charts, most are just long documents with fragmented recommendations. Our goal is to provide practical recommendations our clients find to be of real value that can actually be implemented – they are not just esoteric or theoretical suggestions! Our focus is on providing practical recommendations tailored to the needs of our individual clients that yield real results. We don’t produce long documents just for the sake of being long to provide an appearance of substance.
We help our clients implement the solutions as desired. We work with our clients to deliver the desired results.



    • Applied Commerce Technology, Inc.
    • Audit Technology Group
    • Aventis Pharmaceuticals
    • A & P Supermarkets (US and Canada)
    • Brookshire Grocery Company
    • Coinstar, Inc.
    • CVS Pharmacy
    • DPT Laboratories
    • General Services Administration (GSA – procurement agency of federal government)


    • Alliance Unichem (now Walgreens Boots Alliance)
    • Aquarius (Warsaw, Poland)
    • Centro Cuesta Nacional (Dominican Republic)
    • China Association of Chain Drug Stores (Beijing, China)
    • Cobeca and Farmacia SAAS (Maracaibo, Venezuela)
    • GNRC MediShops(Guwahati, Assam, India)
    • Guardian Life Care Pvt. Ltd (Gourgon, India)
    • Protek, Moscow, Russia
    • Super Pharm (Acquired)
    • The World Bank Group – International Finance Corporation


The RCVA Group International LLC (RCVA Group) was founded by Robert Coopman and Victor Alessandro. Robert and Victor are seasoned veterans who have worked together for over 25 years as senior corporate executives and consultants to both industry and government. They are especially knowledgeable in the federal government, retail drug store, pharmaceutical and grocery industries. They have worked with clients in the USA and internationally and have developed an impressive client list.

CEO & President


Victor Alessandro

Victor’s areas of expertise include: revenue enhancement, operational excellence, strategy development, procurement, and especially category management.  He has worked with clients on five continents with most engagements lasting several years due to the high level of client satisfaction.



Robert Coopman

Robert has a rich history as Vice President Pharmacy at HEB Grocery Company, one of the nation’s largest, independently owned food retailers with hundreds of stores throughout Texas and Mexico.  Robert led the effort to create a chain pharmacy business within HEB, which…

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