The RCVA Group International LLC (RCVA Group) was founded by Robert Coopman and Victor Alessandro. Robert and Victor are seasoned veterans who have worked together for over 25 years as senior corporate executives and consultants to both industry and government. They are especially knowledgeable in: retail grocery and drug stores, the federal government, pharmaceutical and consumer products industries. They have worked with clients in the USA and internationally and have developed an impressive client list.

Victor Alessandro – CEO & President

Victor’s areas of expertise include: revenue enhancement, operational excellence, strategy development, procurement, and especially category management.  He has worked with clients on five continents with most engagements lasting several years due to the high level of client satisfaction.

He has also been directly responsible for operations in multiple locations including international teams, but has also worked effectively with smaller operations including start-ups.  Victor is one of the few consultants or executives who have been a category manager and then progressed up the ranks to the level of senior executive.  His experience is both broad and deep.  He began as a Category Manager at HEB Grocery (San Antonio, Texas) and was promoted several time to the position of Vice President – Drug Store.  Victor also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Category Management Officer at The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P).  He has over 20 years of consulting experience.

Most recently, Victor worked for the General Services Administration for four years as a subject matter expert in category management.  He is well-versed in government procurement and in assisting clients with improving their capabilities to sell to the federal government.  Victor is a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and a member of MENSA.

Robert Coopman (Co-CEO)

Robert has a rich history as Vice President Pharmacy at HEB Grocery Company, one of the nation’s largest, independently owned food retailers with hundreds of stores throughout Texas and Mexico.  Robert led the effort to create a chain pharmacy business within HEB, which resulted in a “prescriptions filled per store” among the best retailers in the USA.  Robert is knowledgeable and proven in all aspects of community chain pharmacy and related health aids.  He wrote a monthly feature article published in Chain Drug Review for 20 years and published over 280 articles and has performed as an industry expert in a number of legal cases.  He has an impressive list of clients both in the USA and internationally.

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