During their careers, Victor and Robert have been subjected to numerous presentations by consulting firms. While many are ultra-professional in appearance with pretty graphics and charts, most are just long documents with fragmented recommendations. Our goal is to provide practical recommendations our clients find to be of real value that can actually be implemented – they are not just esoteric or theoretical suggestions! Our focus is on providing practical recommendations tailored to the needs of our individual clients that yield real results. We don’t produce long documents just for the sake of being long to provide an appearance of substance.

Our consultants have real world experience in the areas they provide services. For example, 100% of our category management consultants have been category managers at some point in their career.  Few, if any, other consulting firms can say this. We don’t present traditional buyers or supply chain experts as “category managers” like many other firms do. When you work with us, you will receive advice from people who have actually “been there done that.” We also do not put junior consultants on your engagement to further their educations at your expense.

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