Category management is truly an area in continual development. While it has been implemented by virtually all successful companies in the United States and internationally, Individual category management approaches can differ significantly. Many people are not aware the US Government began implementation of category management in 2015!

Fundamentally, category management is the collaborative process of organizing categories as independent business units aimed at producing improved business results by focusing on delivering value to customers. At the core of Category Management is a focus on gaining a better understanding of consumer needs as the basis for company’s strategies, goals, and work processes.

We have been involved in many category management implementations. We probably have more experience in actual category management implementations than any other group in the world! We understand the challenges of making it work and have experienced the benefits of increased sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

Category management services

    • Organizational assessment – Review current capabilities as well as those in need of development
    • Design of individualized category management model
    • Creation of detailed process flow diagrams
    • Assessment of potential Category Manager candidates
    • Category Management Training for Category Managers and other interested parties (executives, public relations management, operations management, etc.)
    • Implementation planning and support
    • Post implementation assessment and support
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