Is your company current in its approach in selling to the federal government?  Have you read the memo from the Office of Management and Budget from March 2019?  Have you included the strategy in your sales and marketing efforts? If you haven’t, you are missing a significant opportunity!

Category Management, while utilized by industry leaders since the early 1990’s is  new  to the US Federal Government.This presents an opportunity for suppliers and contractors to re-engineer their sales approach to leverage their customer’s expectations and increase their sales, while providing a level of improved services to their government customers.

The RCVA Group International LLC is one of the few consulting firms who have actual experience in both category management in industry and category management in government. Our consultants have been expert category managers in industry and are now experts with category management in the federal government. Category management is #7 on the President’s Management Agenda! It’s a big deal as per the following see OMB memo in March 2019 ( See the following link- Category Management Making Smarter Use of Common Contract Solutions and practices ) Category management is here to stay in the federal government.

Let us help you refine your sales and marketing efforts given the new priorities of the federal government.

Services specifically for government suppliers

In addition to category management support, we provide other valuable services to suppliers who have a large part of their business selling to the government.

  • Sales Assessment – We can evaluate your sales approach given the new priorities of the federal government and provide practical recommendations to improve results.
  • Training – Customized training for companies
  • Operational assessment – Identify ways to increase operational efficiency and provide infrastructure recommendations to achieve your objectives. This is the way many clients begin working with our firm
  • Development and implementation of eCommerce strategy – This is the future of business and the time to prepare was yesterday!  We can help you develop a strategy to address this challenge.
  • Development of “go to market strategy ”– RCVA Group International LLC can help you craft your strategy to optimize your company’s effectiveness. We will share best practices and focus on what is realistic for your individual capabilities.
  • Customer Strategy & Approach – Create strategies to improve sales overall and for specific customers
  • Business plan review and/or creation – If you don’t have a current business plan or one needing improvement, we can help you develop a practical, simple business plan that helps you succeed.
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