Small businesses and start-ups have a different set of challenges than large companies. Our consultants have experience in small business and start-up companies from the start-up and growth phases through maturity. We provide small business owners with advice and planning designed to improve performance and efficiency.

We can help your company avoid costly mistakes and gain access to important resources. Developing good business practices and processes are especially important during these phases.  We focus on providing practical recommendations you can implement to deliver results.

We have worked with small businesses in the USA and internationally. One of our clients began with an idea and engaged us to help develop the strategy, create a business plan and assist them with the launch and operational execution. They are now the leading drugstore chain in the country! We were engaged with them for the entire process from beginning through maturity.

RCVA Group’s services include:

  • Assessment of operations and infrastructure recommendations – our goal is to help you become as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Ecommerce strategy development – Every business needs one whether you are selling online or have a website.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy – Providing broad support to our clients in this critical area.  We can help you create it and operationalize the specific tactics.
  • Sales and marketing assessment – Improve effectiveness and efficiency with precious sales opportunities.


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